KD Langford is a writer from Manchester, in the United Kingdom.

The story so far:

We all have to begin our journey somewhere in life. For me, it was at primary school when my teacher, Mrs Harvey introduced me Creative Writing and I never looked back. Mrs Harvery was a great inspiration to me, and it soon became my favourite lesson.

The years passed by and I found myself at High School where embraced my writing with the thanks to various teachers no one more so than my English and form teacher, Tony Porter.

I'd write two pages, take it back to him, and he'd say "Right, go and write me some more." That's just what I did. At Culcheth High School there was a building known as 'B-block' it was a three-storey concrete block, and he'd allow us to have free roam of the top floor. I'd go and sit in B-32 which was Miss Harper's R.E room and there I'd write, my first piece, called 'Grey Hall.' And at lunchtimes, Malcolm Smith (RIP) would give up his lunch hour and open up A-17 in A-block which was the I.T room. There I'd sit on one of the many BBC-B computers and writer using 'Interword' an old, but outstanding word processor. At the time there American TV series 'Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea' was being aired in the UK, and I'd sit in A-17 and write a story about Admiral Nelson and Captain Lee Crane.

After Culcheth, the writing was fell flat. In 2005 I moved to the West Sussex town of Worthing, and two years later I enrolled in a Creative Writing course on Monday evening at 'Durrington High School.' Here I met my friend, Rosanna Ley and the writing took on a whole new lease of life. It was during this period that I took up the interest of scriptwriting. In 2011 I moved back to my roots of Manchester but continued to write. In 2011 I met my friend, Yvonne Grace, and I worked on some projects with Yvonne where she taught me the basics of scriptwriting. In 2017, I decided to try my hand at poetry, and during a writing holiday in 2017 I did just that.

I met someone on that holiday that became the wind in my sails. I went on to write my first book. A book which even surprised me would become my debut book, a book on poetry. One particular poem (featured) would lead me to write lyrics, and that would lead me to learn music.